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      2. ORP Meters

        • S20 Bluetooth ORP Meter

          High-performance wireless bluetooth ORP meter, suitable for Android smartphone or tablet, 1 point calibration, setup menu contains 10 options, accuracy: 0.2mV.
        • ORPscan10 Pocket ORP Tester

          Economical pocket ORP tester with relative and absolute millivolt measurement modes. The meter is suitable for measuring the oxidation reduction potential of samples, accuracy: 2mV.
        • ORPscan20 Pocket ORP Tester

          Multipurpose pocket ORP tester is installed with a BNC connector that used for connecting a variety of ORP electrodes. The meter is widely used in environmental and industrial fields.
        • Bante221 Portable ORP Meter

          High-accuracy portable ORP meter, 1 point calibration, setup menu contains 9 options. The meter is suitable for outdoor applications, accuracy: 0.2mV.